Welcome to White Dove Educational Trust (WDET)

White Dove Educational Trust is a charitable trust, which was set up in the UK to support the work of White Dove Educational Trust (Malawi). WDET (Malawi) seeks to offer financial and other support to individuals in Malawi particularly by way of assistance towards the cost of secondary and vocational education for those who could not otherwise afford this.


The aims of the Trust are:
i) To provide financial assistance for education and training to orphans and other financially disadvantaged students at secondary, vocational, or tertiary level.
ii) To encourage the development of social, interpersonal and leadership skills to fulfill family responsibility.
iii) To cooperate, liaise with the Government of Malawi and other organizations having similar aims and objectives in all matters in the furtherance of the objectives herein.

Key Strategies

• To identify students who have successfully gained a place in a government secondary school but are unable otherwise to obtain assistance to pay school fees and necessary upkeep expenses and provide bursaries to cover these needs. Selection is done through liaison with selected schools in Blantyre.
• To monitor their progress each term and renew the bursary each academic year until completion of secondary school unless the student behaves irresponsibly or fails the barrier exams at the end of form II.
• To provide bursaries for such students to pursue vocational training when they have successfully completed MSCE and obtained a place for training and no alternative financial support is available. Where alternative funding is available for tuition fees we will not provide a bursary to cover this. Similarly if they are able to generate some income themselves they are expected to bear some costs.
• To solicit donations from organisations and individuals interested in promoting the objectives of the Trust.

WDET (UK) seeks to raise funds from supporters to send on to WDET (Malawi) to enable them to further their work.

WDET (Malawi):

Postal address:
White Dove Educational Trust. P.O. Box 1999, Blantyre, Malawi.

E-mail address:

Mobile: +(265) 8888 72 371
Tel: +(265) 1 982 184


Tel: + 44 (0) 115 943 0121

HMRC Gift Aid Registration Number: XT39158.

St George Academy / Orphan project south of Blantyre - teachers cost £250ish year. St George Academy / Orphan project south of Blantyre - teachers cost £250ish year.
Lujeri tea estate. Lujeri tea estate.
Likoma Island, Lake Malawi. Likoma Island, Lake Malawi.